In my last Blog ("What Trending Upgrade Is Wooing Buyers”) I discussed how many home owners are opting to update their outdoor areas instead of the more conventional master bathroom.  Not only does this upgrade add unofficial square footage and bring serenity to the backyard, but, more importantly, the upgrade adds great value to the home. 

Despite this trend, the master bathroom still can pull its own weight in the upgrade department, especially if done smartly and on a smaller budget.  Here are some quick, inexpensive changes you can make to your master bathroom to give it a bit of a facelift (Spoiler alert: The first three involve paint):

1. Change Wall Color: 

Paint can have a dramatic effect on any room in the house and the master bathroom is no exception.  By freshening the walls with trending colors like grey or navy blue you are ensuring your bathroom gets well within the 21st century.  And make sure that you choose a high glossy paint for the bathroom as this finish is the most durable and cleans the easiest. 

2. Resurface Your Bathtub

Okay.  I must admit this is another repainting recommendation, but not everyone thinks about resurfacing their bathtub.  But it makes sense to do this if you like the tub itself but not the paint color.  To put things in perspective, to remove a bathtub, buy a new one and then hire a plumber to install can cost you 1-2 thousand dollars.  If you have the time and have a steady hand, you can resurface and repaint the bathtub yourself and save 90 cents on the dollar.  If you aren’t as handy, hire your local contractor who has experience doing this.  You will be amazed how resurfacing a bathtub can totally transform the room and you will still save a significant amount of money.

3. Repaint Your Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets can get pricy.  If the cabinets you have are in good shape and the doors are operational, paint them.  Whites, creams, grays and even dark blues can be very dramatic.  Doing so eliminates demolition, the expense of new cabinets and calling a plumber. 

4. Unique Wall Art

I’ve seen a lot of cool things put up on the bathroom wall from industrial shelving to floating shelves to personal artwork.  The key to making your master bathroom pop is not only finding something that no one else has but making sure it still matches your general design and décor. 

5. Updating Fixtures

This is so incredibly simple and anyone with a screwdriver can make this impactful update to the master bathroom.  Simply go to your local hardware store and get creative.  You can change the knobs of the vanity doors as well as your faucet and handles. 

A full update to a master bathroom can cost anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000, which can be quite costly for those of us who have a tight budget.  But with the above inexpensive changes (and countless others), you can transform your bathroom and have the most impact.  And those of you who do a great job at it will probably see 2-3 dollars back for every dollar spent on the job!