You may be familiar with the term “property management,” which is when a third party handles the daily operations of a real estate investment. They can manage all types of properties, from single family homes to large apartment complexes, and work on things such as screening for tenants, filling vacancies, addressing maintenance or repair issues, managing budgets and maintaining records.  They ultimately remove the stress of being a landlord and try to bring the biggest return on investment for the investor.

Although home concierge has many overlapping services when compared to property management, there is a distinct difference:   Home concierge works with homeowners with vacation homes (non-rental properties) and property management works with landlords and their investment properties.  So, the focus of home concierge is really providing total peace of mind for the homeowner, especially when they are away from their home.  Examples of the types of services that a home concierge company does could include things like: project managing a renovation, cleaning the interior monthly or quarterly, conducting simple weekly inspections, maintaining a car in the garage, maintaining the landscaping, stocking the fridge with the owner’s favorite foods before arrival…the list is limited to the owner’s creativity.


There are not many companies that provide Home Concierge Services to homeowners in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.  One company appears to stand out, not only because of their sterling reputation but because of their tenured experience in the field.  That company is Personal Home Management.  At Personal Home Management expect premier home concierge services for snowbirds or VIPs on-the-go in addition to property management activities for landlords looking to maximize profits for a short term rental properties.  Many clients are looking for total peace of mind when they are away from their home, so that is why PHM provide a one stop shop for all general services related to the property.  And If Personal Home Management cannot do the service in house, then it is subcontract out to a certified contractor within a vetted network of licensed and insured professionals. 

If you own a property in Parkland, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach, Highland Beach, Lighthouse Point or Boynton Beach and live out of town or out of state, please do your research and keep in mind the Personal Home Management.  From condos to estates, Personal Home Management surpasses all competition with its attention to detail and focus on customer service.  To learn more about Personal Home Managment, check us out here.