On 5/21/18 10 individuals (including board) attended monthly HOA meeting for Hidden Hammocks in Coral Springs.  Quorum was not met because one board member had to leave.  The following items were discussed:

  • The community has $178,000 in reserves, which is more than sufficient to cover costs of future projects for the next few years.
  • Operating funds are $116,000, which are healthy for the community.
  • According to Property Management, there are only 25 homes that are delinquent from last year.  Due to the aggressive noticing campaign by the Board and Property Management, this number is significantly lower than in the past 2-4 months. 
  • Hidden Hammocks has 2 bids (awaiting a third) to create 2 new wells for sprinklers in the communities medians.  Currently, the deluge of rain has watered the grass and shrubs, but this issue needs to be resolved after the construction at Wiles has completed. 
  • The Board and Property Management passed to the group of examples of signage in the two main entrances off of Wiles Road.  Residents gave their opinions and were further encouraged to send additional examples.  
  • New fountains are up and running.
  • The Board is still waiting to trim the Black Olive trees until the Wiles construction is completed.  There does seem to be an impetus to trim the trees on 66th ter and 64th dr because branches might not give appropriate clearance to trucks and other commercial vehicles.

UPDATED 8/31/18:

Multiple residents in Butler Farms and neighboring communities are reporting either car break-ins.  Please make sure that if you park overnight on the street or on your driveway that all windows are rolled up and doors are locked.

Several residents reporting missing pets (cats and smaller dogs), which appears to be correlated to the coyote sightings in Coral Springs.  These sightings are very close to home as Volunteer Park has been the center of several sightings, which resulted in the closing of the park for a few days in July.  Trappers are attempting to catch and then release these non-indigenous animals west of US 27.  

Phase 2 of the Wiles construction is on its way, which will include the widening of Wiles Road, improving drainage, ADA updates, addition to sidewalks and bike lanes as well as updating the irrigation for landscaping.