This meeting was attended by approximately 18 residents, including the full board (Chuck, Daniel and Jerry) as well as M and M property manager, Jennifer.  This was, according to the board, the lowest turnout for an election meeting.  Because of the lack of a quorum, no new candidates could be voted onto the board, however, because Daniel has stepped down from his position due to moving, the board appointed Nick Casamassimo to fill the vacancy.  

Chuck explained to the residents that there are currently 3 estimates to beautify the landscaping on the 7 medians on 66th terrace and they are as follows:

  • Extreme Landscaping: $68,000
  • CPM: Initial bid of $63,000, then changed to $41,000
  • Southeast Landscaping: $37,768

Josh from Southeast Landscaping presented to the group (with renderings) of what his company would do to the medians, which included low maintenance, insect resistant and drought resistant plants/shrubs that would not only enhance the aesthetic of the community but also provide a practical function.  After Josh left the meeting, the board unanimously voted to employ Southeast Landscaping to begin the median project in Hidden Hammocks.  Although the board did not approve Southeast Landscaping to maintain the community's landscaping, there may be an opportunity to do so, especially if CPM does not live up to contractual services.

Jennifer from M and M Property Management reviewed the budget:

  • 42 certified letters went to delinquent owners
  • $68,427 is outstanding
  • 14 residents are delinquent for 1-2 years
  • 10 residents are delinquent for over 2 years.  Letters have gone out to these residents that should payment not be received, then an attorney will follow up.  Nick asked how much does Hidden Hammocks pay in attorney fees per delinquency.  No one knew exactly, but Chuck and/or Jennifer will follow up.
  • Approximately $204,000 is in reserves
  • The following projects have been earmarked for 2019:
    • $25,000 - 30,000 to replace/fix pump and wells so that the medians and other areas get proper irrigation.
    • $16,000 for signage
    • $37,000 for landscaping medians

CPM has fixed 6 of 7 zones so most of the sprinklers are working as of yesterday.  The 7th zone might need to be rebuilt to fix a faulty valve.  Once these zones are in working order, the median project can begin.

CPM cut Cypress trees and re-fertilized.

Signs could be put up as soon as 2 weeks.  One of the residents had a concern that putting "welcome to" is superfluous.  Board and property manager explained that the sign was approved 2 meetings ago and will be placed as scheduled.

Coral Springs code enforcement has given out tickets for roof cleaning and the homes in Hidden Hammocks appears to have a better curb appeal.  There was a resident that said his neighbor just left his foreclosed home and the roof has not been cleaned in years.  Board believed that he can speak to code enforcement to communicate to the bank, who should be responsible for the maintenance of the exterior.  After the meeting, Chuck gave the resident the contact information to code enforcement.

Finally, the board will get an estimate on painting the wall and columns as well as the electric along Wiles Road entrance.