Attendance was noticeably improved for tonight's Hidden Hammocks monthly HOA meeting with Chuck (the president), 2 board members, M and M property management as well as 15-20 residents.  The following was discussed:

  • Community has very healthy reserves of $197,000.  One of the residents recommended to use these reserves to beautify the community.  Chuck and many of the attendees agreed.  Chuck stated that the following projects, if approved, will surely beautify Hidden Hammocks.  Here are the improvements and their cost:
    • $10,000 - $15,000: Fix pump to fountains
    • $40,000 - $50,000: Rework the landscaping to the entire community
    • $5,000: Painting the walls on Wiles Rd
  • Hedges for white fly was finally sprayed, costing the community $5,100.  Chuck was not happy with the performance of Complete Property Maintenance as they have delayed the application over the course of months.  As a result, the ficus hedges throughout the community are struggling.  There was a request to have 2 application per year placed in 2019 budget to save them, which was approved by the rest of the board.
  • Culvers were installed and grass installed on Wiles Road.  The brick pavers were also installed by the City of Coral Springs at no cost to Hidden Hammocks. 
  • Trees along Wiles have been approved to cut and will start once Wiles construction ends.
  • The budget was reviewed by residents and a few questions came up:
    • Management Fees? It was explained that M and M's management fees were $44,000 and was the least expensive when placing bids.  Their 2 year contract is up and bidding process can resume.
    • What were the $17,000 in "Future Projects?"  Future projects includes projects to enhance, maintain and fix items in the community.  It was noted that the budget is a projection and does not mean that we have to spend any or all of the money itemized.
    • What were the legal fees of $5,000?  According to Chuck, the legal fees were consultations with an attorney regarding interpretations of contracts as well as follow up to residents who are severely delinquent on paying dues.
    • Why are we paying $1,200 in a newsletter and website?  The newsletter goes out and further informs the community of what's happening in Hidden Hammocks.  The website is from M and M property management that allows residents to pay for their HOA dues.  Many of the residents agreed that the M and M's Hidden Hammock website does not have any content and is not user friendly. 
    • What is the $100,000 projection of Common Area Walls?  This appeared to be a mistake and will need to be deleted.  Chuck approved the budget only if this item was deleted.
  • One resident created a Facebook page for Hidden Hammocks/Oakbrook.  It has a total of approximately 20 followers and 75 visitors. 
  • One of the signs in the community is not lit.  Chuck explained there is no power in the median and it would be too expensive to jack hammer the street to run wire.  Perhaps there could be a solar power alternative for that sign.  This will be tested by chuck.
  • Signs by city code must not exceed 4 feet by 8 feet and must be 9 feet from the property line,  Sign a Rama and We Do Signs were called for estimates and it appears they can do the project in 4-6 weeks.

I hope this helps those of you who could not make the meeting. If you do not have the Hidden Hammocks budget for 2019, please contact Casa Ott Group for more information.