In attendance to the Coral Spring's Hidden Hammocks / Oakbrook meeting were approximately 15 residents, including the entire board with Property Manager from M & M Property Management.  The meeting was called to order and the following was discussed:

  • Operating budget = $226,332
  • Reserves = $204,495
  • Delinquent Payments for over 12 months = $40,000.  Delinquent payments have gone down significantly in the past 4 meetings.  The president informed residents that a final letter with threat of attorney involvement will be mailed.  Attorney involvement appears to be imminent with the "Top 5 Delinquencies."
  • The president informed that Hidden Hammocks is responsible for replacing sod where the culvert was installed at the front entrance.  The cost to the community will be approximately $5,000.  There appears to be another area nearby that needs to be resodded as well, however, Hidden Hammocks has informed the county that they would like the county to resolve and pay as the construction company has done most, if not all, of the damage.
  • Ficus hedges around the perimeter of Hidden Hammocks/Oakbrook are due for white fly treatment and will be done by the end of this week.  The president had the landscaping crew rake all of the leaves at the base of the perimeter to facilitate a more effective treatment application.
  • The pavers are to be replaced by the county and maintained by the community.
  • Hidden Hammocks has reiterated that new signs will be put up and well lit with LED lighting.  Several renderings will be given to the community at the next meeting and the residents will give their opinion. 
  • Christmas lights are scheduled to be put up.
  • Improvements to the lighting grid is still being discussed and may be completed by next year.
  • Medians have dead foliage because of a dry well.  Board is looking to fix and make necessary improvements once the Wiles construction is completed, which may be by this Thanksgiving.

One resident voiced her opinion that she was very disappointed with the lack of improvements with Hidden Hammocks and the lack of communication to the residents of what's going on.  Although there is a NEXT DOOR application that provides great communication to residents as well as Casa Ott Group's unofficial Newsletter, the resident volunteered to create and moderate a Facebook page for Hidden Hammocks / Oakbrook, which the community agreed could only help communication with the community  Regarding the lack of improvements voiced by the resident, we could all agree that our community is not perfect, however, through the hard work of the president, property manager and other board members, there have been improvements over the years despite the budget constraints.  Currently, there are multiple improvements scheduled to be made that have been delayed because of the Wiles construction or simply being at the mercy of other contractors' schedules. 

It is with hope that once the Wiles construction comes to an end by our community and with a little patience from homeowners, we will see the scheduled improvements come to action, making us all proud to be a resident in Hidden Hammocks / Oakbrook.