On 5/20/19 Hidden Hammocks had their monthly meeting.  In attendance were the full board (Chuck, Jerry and Nick), M and M property manager (Jennifer) and 18 other residents.  The following were discussed:

  • Jennifer reviewed the budget:
    • $332,000 in Operating
    • $201,000 in Reserves
    • $63,712.50 Delinquent
      • A significant portion are from owners who have not paid in over 2 years, specifically 18 owners.  Out of these 18 owners, 3 are under foreclosure.  Each of the delinquent residences have been sent a certified letter recently.  The certified letter facilitated some payment, but it was voted (and approved) by the board to hand over the remaining 15 delinquencies to a private attorney, which, according to Chuck, will not be at any cost to Hidden Hammocks.  In essence, the homeowners with over 2 years of delinquent payments will receive a Demand Letter from the attorney with additional attorney fees.
  • The sprinkler pump is finally working and will allow for the landscaping of the identified medians to commence the end of this week or next week.  Most of the medians were being beautified with landscaping from Southeast Landscaping, however, not all.  When questioned why, Chuck informed that the other medians had water going to the shrubbery and sod and did not need to be replaced.  The board was open to having Southeast Landscaping redoing the landscaping on the other medians once the first phase is completed and it makes sense financially for the community.
  • Sign has been delayed because the city had a problem with the permit, specifically the "excavating and rebarb reinforcement."  The extra cost will be approximately $9,800 plus city fees and permit fees to the association.
  • There are 2 proposals for painting the walls of the community:
    • $11,750 from Coastal Painting
    • $9,465 from All Florida Painting - The board voted to move forward with All Florida Painting and to paint using the same color because there is a significant cost if the community changes the color from what's on now.
  • 61st Entrance has 4 pillars that are not illuminating.  Coincidentally, the lights went out after a homeowner installed a new fence, so it is speculated that the fencing contractor cut the wire.  
  • A homeowner mentioned that there are 2 additional lights out closer to 441.  Chuck stated that he will look into the lights.
  • The city of Coral Spring's code enforcement is continuously driving around and citing roofs needing to be cleaned, driveways pressure washed, lawn maintained, etc.
  • One of the fountains in the lakes is working but the light timer is not working.
  • On 61st Avenue a black olive died.  It will cost the community approximately $1,500 to remove and replace with a smaller tree.
  • On 64th Dr the sidewalk has been blocked for pedestrians by the city of Coral Springs because the root system of a black olive is breaking the foundation.  According to the city, because the tree is on the swale, Hidden Hammocks will have to remove the black olive at their own cost.

Because the Park Springs will not be open during the summer, the Hidden Hammocks meetings will be on a brief moratorium but communication can still flow freely through this site, M and M site and our Facebook page.