Here's some information about our Hidden Hammocks HOA meeting conducted on 2/25/19:

  • Low turnout from the community as Chuck (president), Jerry (former president), Jennifer (property manager) and 2 residents were only present for the meeting.
  • Landscaping bid of $63,000 to fix the landscaping on all medians in the community has been brought down to $42,000.  This may still be too high and further negotiations will ensue.  Additionally, Hidden Hammocks may solicit a 3rd bid from SE Landscaping.  
  • Cement was laid for the pumps but the sprinklers are still not operational.  In approximately 2 weeks, these sprinklers should be working.
  • Tree trimming has continued but some concern that the leaves are not being picked.
  • Although Hidden Hammocks had a written contract with WE DO SIGNS for 2 double-sided signs, the owner stated that he did not realize it was double sided.  The new proposal is $7800 - $7900 per double-sided 4 x 8 sign, which still is a reasonable cost.  
  • Mark from code enforcement will be driving around the community and citing any property code violations with the city of Coral Springs.  So now is the time to clean your roof, driveway, front yard and bring in your garbage bins.
  • We currently have $206,000 in reserves and 42 residents are delinquent for the past 2 years.  A certified letter went out to these residents.