There was an above average turnout at the monthly HOA meeting at Hidden Hammocks with Chuck (president), Jen (property manager) and approximately 15 other residents in attendance.  Because 2 of the 4 board members were absent, a quorum was not reached.  Therefore, no voting on business items was allowed.

The following items were discussed:

  • Chuck made a correction from last months minutes and stated that there was an increase in the yearly property management  fees for M and M Property Management.  Because the HOA did not cancel their 3 year contract, the contract automatically renewed for another 3 years with a 3% increase in management fees.  The cost increased from $39,000 to $42,000 a year.  One of the residents explained that a a $3,000 increase is much higher than 3%.  Chuck stated that he will look into this further.
    • The next renewal period will be on 11/1/21.  The association must give 60 days notice to M and M Property Management prior renewal.
  • The wells, after 16 months, have finally been set in place.
    • The next step is to have a cement slab, pump and timer installed.  An estimate from CPM will cost approximately $7,000.
  • Christmas lights are up
  • Solar lights were installed by Chuck on NW 66th Ter signage.  Residents appeared to like how the sign was visible at night.
  • White fly treatment has been completed
  • On East Wiles the vegetation has been replaced and lighting has been added
  • The rope to the flagpole broke and the actual flag disappeared.  According to Chuck, the rope and flag will be replaced and a 500 watt light was being installed.  The fire department, according to Jennifer, should be able to assist at no cost to the community. 
  • A bid from BSA electric says that it will cost approximately $15,000 to $20,000 to newly wire and pipe into 7 medians,
    • When the sprinklers are completed, then it will cost the community $4,400 to remove all hedges on all medians and $25,000 to replace all hedges. 
  • A resident complained about CPM Landscaping and requested that the community obtained extra quotes.  Chuck stated that he has gotten several but they were all significantly more expensive.
  • The main entrance signage is being designed by a third party.  Jen (from M and M Property Management) showed the group of residents a picture.
  • Coupon books are being mailed to households by the end of this week.
  • Approximately 12 months ago, residents owed $70,000 in HOA delinquent payments.  As of today, only $29,000 in HOA fees are considered delinquent.