For this meeting, I was not able to attend because my 1 year old, Andrew, had an allergic reaction to Penicillin and was sent to the hospital.  Luckily, he's one tough cookie and has made a full recovery.  Thank you all for the support.  

I was fortunate enough to talk with our President, Chuck Witt, yesterday who gave me a synopsis of what was discussed at our Hidden Hammocks meeting on 1/28/19 at 7pm.  Here it is:

  • Board members Chuck, Daniel and Jerry were present with approximately 8 residents also present.
  • The light for the flag pole on Wiles was not working and was replaced.  The rope to the flag pole broke, so Hidden Hammocks received a quote for $600 to replace.  This seemed a bit high, so Chuck asked Jodi S from our tree trimming contractor, CPM, if they would be able to assist.  A flag was purchase for $14 and CPM put up for free.  
  • The following estimate was obtained for replacing pump and timer for sprinklers, adding an additional zone for the sprinklers as well as rewiring electric for lighting throughout.  The estimate was $28,000-$38,000.  CPM provided an estimate for everything for $22,000.  
  • There will be electrical and power added to where the new well is drilled (closer to the flag pole).  The estimate from BSA changed from $3,500 to $4,500.  Hidden Hammocks received an estimate from another contractor for $3,900.  
  • CPM gave an initial estimate to redo all medians for $63,000 - 10% $56,700).  The proposal appears very high and under further investigation, the shrubs and foliage appears to be more elaborate than our community needs.  A revised estimate from CPM came to $30,000 - $35,000. This is not approved until obviously the sprinkler systems are fully functional.
  • Sign on Wiles fell and was fixed by chuck on Tuesday.
  • A resident complained that several of the lights on Wiles has burnt out.  Chuck inspected and said 3 of the 30 lights were burnt and some of the lights were LED and others were not LED.  He wants to obtain an estimate for replacement to fully LED in the near future.
  • Hidden Hammocks reserves are approximately $200,000.
  • Delinquencies are as follows:
    • Over 2 years: 2 Residents (Certification letter to be sent Febraury)
    • Over 1 year: 15 Residents 
    • 50% of residents have not paid their 2019 invoices.  (friendly reminder to residents in February)